1. helping fellow humans survive
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    Community Fundraiser for Ukrainian Aid Charity MOAS, to bring emergency medical care and first response services to those impacted by the escalating violence across the country.
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    Hi there, I have been running inconsistently for a couple of years, ran my first 5K on my 50th Birthday and ran my first 10K 3 months later. Running my 2nd 10K next week - The Virtual Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin and thought it would be a good idea to try to raise some funds for MOAS to contribute to their amazing work while I'm at it!
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    By Nichola

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    **Sorry everyone, the site is having problems reflecting donations. All your contributions are greatly appreciated!** Haunted House with a maritime theme.
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    We are South African twins on a mission to raise money for refugees and migrants. We want to make our 16th-year count!
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    My brother George and I will be running the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon on 19 May. I then plan to run a second marathon later in the autumn (location - probably somewhere in Europe - TBC).
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    Let us surprise Jean one more time and give him the best birthday present in 2019!
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    Help us send the Phoenix to Aden carrying essential medicines, pharmaceutical supplies and high-calorie food supplements to the primary healthcare providers on the ground, as well as delivering 40 days of ophthalmology care and emergency dentistry from our on-board clinic to referrals from the Health Cluster.
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    By MOAS

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    I decided to dedicate my upcoming 22nd birthday to raising money for MOAS. If you wish to make me happy, please consider a donation to this campaign and help bring some relief to those of our fellow human beings who need our help the most.
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    Swimming the 10km Great North Swim to raise money for MOAS
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