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    Il mio Cammino di Santiago in sostegno di MOAS: aiutami a raccogliere fondi per portare assistenza medica ai rifugiati Rohingya in Bangladesh #IlCamminoDiNino

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    MOAS has launched a one-month observation mission in the Andaman Sea following reports that Rohingya refugees are attempting to flee Myanmar in unsafe vessels.

    By MOAS

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    Birthday fundraiser for an organisation providing migrant relief.

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    By Th.

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    Raising money for the terrific nonprofit MOAS as they prepare for cyclone season in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

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    As the cyclone and monsoon seasons in Bangladesh draw closer, over 688,000 Rohingya refugees are facing a humanitarian disaster. MOAS needs your help to make sure we can reach those affected and continue providing desperately-needed medical care. Together, we can save lives.

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    By MOAS

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    As you all know I will run the NYC half Marathon this March 18. Please think of donating to MOAS as a way of helping refugees . Anything helps . Thank you

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    By Gabadoc

  7. My birthday is coming up on the 22nd January – this year, I’ve decided to ask for donations to MOAS as birthday presents.

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    By Bea

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    We don’t need a toaster…. or a soap dish…. or a spiralizer… or a blender…….

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    Main purpose of the campaign is to create a small group of people ‘promoters’ that ‘let people know ‘ about MOAS  in such common media as facebook, instagram, twitter for a long period of time on their profiles  . We believe that it could help find some new participants and donators. 13 peerson will constantly put a MOAS-content on their facebook walls, post grids, chanells just to inform about this possibilities to find a good way on fundraising. 

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    Fishers of Men Screening in Baltimore, MD.

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