A Lifeline To Save Lives

No one should have to risk their life to reach safety: that’s why MOAS delivers aid and assistance along the world’s most dangerous migration routes.

About MOAS

Founded in response to the October 2013 humanitarian disaster off the coast of Lampedusa, in which some 400 men, women and children drowned, MOAS aimed to provide a model for a civil society response to the unfolding crisis.

Becoming established in 2014 as an independent humanitarian organisation, it was the first search and rescue (SAR) NGO of its kind in the Mediterranean. Our maritime operations were designed to provide desperately-needed SAR services to people attempting dangerous sea crossings while fleeing violence, poverty and persecution.

Since our inception, we are proud to have rescued and assisted over 40,000 people from the world’s deadliest migration routes.

In September 2017, MOAS shifted operations to South East Asia, where the MOAS team are delivering urgent medical assistance to Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar. 

Using innovative technology in full cooperation with the relevant authorities, MOAS’ operations act as a bridge between the state and civil society in a human response to the ongoing suffering of people seeking safety.

MOAS continues to advocate and lobby for the creation of safe and legal routes for vulnerable people in desperate need of international protection.

Join our call for #SafeAndLegalRoutes; support our humanitarian mission in South East Asia.

Find out more about MOAS and our work here.