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Main purpose of the campaign is to create a small group of people ‘promoters’ that ‘let people know ‘ about MOAS  in such common media as facebook, instagram, twitter for a long period of time on their profiles  . We believe that it could help find some new participants and donators. 13 peerson will constantly put a MOAS-content on their facebook walls, post grids, chanells just to inform about this possibilities to find a good way on fundraising. 

Campaign Details

An internet is a space in which we could talk to each other but also cooperate in campaigns such as MOAS. This project is a chance to create a small, well integrated community of young person where everybody could feel involved into something good. It\’s obvious that everyone is migrating from one place to another but some of us could not have a chance to survive. That\’s why we want to share a good feedback about MOAS with people around our communities.

We want to share our activities and encourage other people to look after MOAS latest campaign . Participants will be ready to meet each other and improve their social skills , talk about their work and how to make their internet activities more effordable. During the whole campaign we will make a special meetings when we could share our experience and talk about improvements.

We believe that this \’social media\’ campaign not only will be promotional but also bring a new donators who can support MOAS rescue missions.

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