Fighting the fatal grasp of the Mediterranean

Helping people survive the most terrifying journey of their lives.

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While celebrating my birthday I always remind myself of how I truly have everything I need, and then some. I counted just under 140 birthday greetings on social media. Thank you everyone. I decided to donate 1 euro for each of those greetings to MOAS and hence this fundraiser starts off with 140 euro.

The many people dying EVERY DAY in the Mediterranean Sea as they try to make their way to safer land is breaking my heart. Circumstances mostly devised by European governments force them to choose the most unsafe, deadly route as they flee from danger. MOAS’ search and rescue assistance to refugees and migrants in distress at sea offers a flicker of hope. Not everyone has surrendered to accepting that death at sea is a calculated risk for thousands upon thousands of fellow human beings.

That’s why I’m urging more friends and acquaintances to donate to MOAS. If you have ever benefited from the content I share online, be it articles, templates, tool tips or other advice, then perhaps you could consider donating perhaps 2, 5 or even 10 euro to this fundraiser. And do help me share to more people. I set a goal for 500 euros in 31 days, but goals are made to be surpassed.

Let’s help MOAS give more people the ability to celebrate their next birthday.

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